I have been to see Sharon a number of times over the years; initially looking for a more holistic approach to some post-natal gastric problems, which conventional medicine had failed to find either a cause or a solution for.  Sharon has also helped to resolve a couple of sporting and stress-related musculoskeletal issues.
In addition to hands-on treatment, Sharon is great at giving plain and practical advice aimed at increasing my awareness of the causes and triggers of a condition, along with techniques to help put me back in control of improving things for myself and preventing future occurrences.
Really recommended!



I initially made an appointment with Sharon for my son age 9. He had suffered from chronic migraines which would cause headaches and sickness, since the age of 5. Whilst being under the consultation of a Paediatrician since that age, no progress to either reduce or dumb down his symptoms was ever achieved.
Although prior to our first session I was sceptical about any positive result, I can only describe the outcome of that first visit as remarkable.  My son went from having three to four migraines a week to virtually none instantly. In fact we had just two more sessions during a further two month period and in which time he had only one occasion of migraine, which was easily remedied with paracetamol.  Two years later, he has never returned to his 'pre treatment' condition, suffering symptoms only from time to time.
Occasionally my son will still have the odd appointment with Sharon, as more of a precautionary measure than one of desperate need.
In the meantime I have also found it necessary to visit Sharon myself having had serious inflammatory effusion in my knees, dating back over four years.  Once again the results have been fantastic.  I have gone from having to have my knees aspirated on regular occasions to almost no swelling whatsoever in either knee. I  find the entire session of treatment beneficial not just to my knees, but indeed the whole of my body.
Even my wife has now had treatment with Sharon for a sore back, and after just two sessions has had no further problems.
In short, prior to meeting Sharon you could easily describe me as a non-believer in this type of healing.  I am an engineer by profession and I need to see proof and to know how things work. Well, much to my surprise I have now not only seen the proof, but have benefited from that proof too.
I never have any problems with recomending Sharon to anyone. She makes you feel very welcome and is warm, friendly and gentle, perfect for children as well as adults



I first met Sharon fifteen years ago, when I had a problem with my first son, who was at that time a 3 month old baby who would not sleep more than two hours at a time due to colic.  Sharon was brilliant dealing with such a precious small person very very gently.  Since then Sharon has treated all five members of the family for variety of problems, including all sorts of aches, pains and anxieties. In every case Sharon has really helped alleviate the specific problem but has also helped improve the wellbeing of the whole person.  Sharon has used yoga therapy and exercises as well as osteopathy and massage.  Sharon has also been helpful in letting me know at the outset if we are likely to need a single session or a series of sessions to help.  Sharon is very calm, gentle, soothing yet forthright about what is needed and I would not hesitate to highly recommend her



I am 84 years of age.  I try to do regular, gentle exercise and keep myself walking.  Once a month I attend Sharon McDaid's Osteopathy Clinic because I find her treatments help to keep my joints flexible.  On each occasion, Sharon is able to pinpoint the areas that need special attention, to improve any symptoms and maintain my body in the best health.  She always finishes my treatment with a relaxing, enjoyable massage - my special bit of 'Me' time!