Roberta Hutchins BSc(Hons) ITEC MNIMH MCPP
Tuesday pm Mobile: 07747 030629
Reflexology is based on the premise that there are 'reflexes' in the hands and feet which correspond to all organs, glands and body parts. A Reflexologist uses their hands to apply pressure and stimulate these 'reflex points'. This is believed to have an effect on the corresponding body areas and, on an energetic level, will encourage the body to heal itself. I was trained in Precision Reflexology at the School of Complementary Therapies in Exeter. Precision Reflexology uses a technique called 'linking' to enhance the power and definition of a treatment. 'Linking' involves gently holding more than one specific reflex point at the same time; this increases the rebalancing effect on the body's energy. Many patients comment on the sensations of vibration or unusual energy within specific parts of their body during 'linking'.

I also offer Herbal Medicine at Still Point House.


All £30 to £35

Appointments 60 minutes. First appointment approx 75 mins including medical history.