Sharon Sharon McDaid Registered Osteopath & Cranial Osteopath, Yoga Teacher (Devon School of Yoga)
Monday to Friday
Tel: 01626 835068

My first career was in nursing. I completed the four year full-time osteopathic training in 1992, established the practice in Bovey Tracey in 1995 and have directed the complementary health clinic since 2002. I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2008. I am interested in continuing professional development and the health benefits of yoga, meditation and good nutrition. An osteopath has a good pair of hands and is trained to treat all age groups, including babies, children and expectant mothers. Having taken a full case history and carried out relevant neurological and orthopaedic testing I let my hands rest lightly on the patient's body. Using a particular kind of concentration, I assess and identify the patterns of contracture/holding/dullness registered in the connective tissues of the body. I can assess the age of a pattern - the body has ways of dealing with old injuries - and feel how all the patterns (because there may be several), are currently working together to be causing the current complaint(s). I use palpation - informed touch - to assess body tissues for tension, swelling and signs of inflammation and examine individual joints for abnormal movement. I will use appropriate osteopathic treatment, which can range from very subtle to stronger techniques, depending on what is needed. Treatment may include advice on posture, exercise and diet, or breathing and relaxation techniques to clear and energise the body. It is usually possible after assessing the effect of one treatment session, to let you know how many sessions in total are required. Occasionally, referral for further diagnostic assessment is necessary and referral to your GP may be advised.

Adults £40
Babies & Children £35

Appointments 45 minutes.